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US-6750418-B1: Method and system for weld process monitoring patent, US-6756697-B2: Mounting structure including communication system for transmitting multiplex control signal to vehicle electrical devices patent, US-6875156-B1: Transmission controller and a method of use patent, US-7180581-B1: Lithography for optical patterning of fluids patent, US-7322889-B2: Game for moving an object on a screen in response to movement of an operation article patent, US-7674648-B2: Extended dynamic range using variable sensitivity pixels patent, US-7755336-B2: Integrated semiconductor component and method for controlling a supply voltage of a functional circuit in an integrated semiconductor component patent, US-7801496-B2: Method to enable open loop antenna transmit diversity on channels having dedicated pilots patent, US-7813461-B2: Sensor, more specifically a position sensor, for a vehicle with several on-board measuring systems working independently from one another patent, US-7933944-B2: Combined fast multipole-QR compression technique for solving electrically small to large structures for broadband applications patent, US-7977923-B2: Circuits for electroactive polymer generators patent, US-8011228-B2: Method for the detection of lateral flow assay and strip and laser-induced epifluorescence and compact scanner therefor patent, US-8228274-B2: Liquid crystal panel, liquid crystal display, and driving method thereof patent, US-8286304-B2: Device to facilitate moving a curtain with loops patent, US-8393921-B1: Receptacle connector patent, US-8482725-B2: Method and apparatus for identification of multiple fibers using an OTDR patent, US-8504770-B2: System and method for representation of target devices in a storage router patent, US-6813514-B1: System and method for emulating a surface EKG using an implantable cardiac stimulation device patent, US-7254488-B2: Probe designing method and information processing apparatus patent, US-7392096-B2: Multifunction electrode and method of making same patent, US-7545939-B2: Control 3 signal synthesis patent, US-7622935-B2: Probe card assembly with a mechanically decoupled wiring substrate patent, US-7762583-B2: Seat sensor system patent, US-7872459-B2: Semiconductor integrated circuit device and regulator using it patent, US-8026123-B2: Integrated circuit including a memory apparatus and production method patent, US-8190911-B2: Entity-identity based security procurement of computer files that are downloadable to an aircraft, method of authentication, and associated system and aircraft patent, US-8212609-B2: Internal voltage generation circuit patent, US-8374735-B2: Method and device for reducing actual loads generated on airplane by an aerodynamic disturbance patent, US-8529515-B2: IV-catheter insertion device patent, US-8533875-B2: Shower fixing seat with LCD patent, US-6889537-B2: Method of refrigerant leak sealant additive detection patent, US-7131111-B2: Development of manifest for java embedded server bundle patent, US-7605583-B2: Modular interface patent, US-7638320-B2: Bengamide derivatives, process for preparing them, and their use patent, US-7714784-B2: Base station and mobile terminal for location detection, and location detecting method patent, US-7804799-B2: Uplink contention based access with quick access channel patent, US-7836335-B2: Cost-reduced redundant service processor configuration patent, US-7944132-B2: Tuning-fork resonator with grooves on principal surfaces patent, US-7957591-B2: Method and apparatus for performing segmentation based on partial differential equations patent, US-8048061-B2: Tapered fitting for an introducer coupled to a hemostatic valve patent, US-8090779-B2: Systems and methods for viewing media content in instant messaging patent, US-8195611-B2: Using a sparse file as a clone of a file patent, US-8197239-B2: Flow-control valve device for a pump patent, US-8246368-B2: Electrical connector with a housing movable relative to a carrier and a lever latching on the housing with a latching sound patent, US-8459043-B2: Apparatus and methods for producing beverages patent, US-6885359-B2: Display device with selective rewriting function patent, US-6899080-B2: Method and system for selecting between two sensor output signals in an electronic throttle system patent, US-7152266-B1: Scrubbing device patent, US-7480845-B2: Method and apparatus for generating block-based low-density parity check matrix and recording medium having recorded thereon code for implementing the method patent, US-7587284-B2: Gene synthesis software patent, US-7687670-B2: Coproduction of hydrofluoroolefins patent, US-7731448-B2: Portable rumble strip patent, US-7915599-B2: Radiation transducer and method to produce a radiation transducer patent, US-8217818-B2: Digital RF converter and RF converting method thereof patent, US-8357900-B2: Thermal infrared detecting device patent, US-8430779-B2: Power-dividing gear train assembly for motor vehicles patent, US-8450272-B2: Combinations of somatostatin-analogs with different selectivity for human somatostatin receptor subtypes patent, US-6792625-B2: Protective suit for protection against harmful chemical and biological substances patent, US-6878110-B2: Surgical instruments and method for creating anatomic working space in minilaparotomy procedure patent, US-6941021-B2: Video conferencing patent, US-7123757-B2: Motion organized simultaneous acquisition with interactive control for fast real-time navigator guided imaging patent, US-7266756-B2: Read enable generator for a turbo decoder deinterleaved symbol memory patent, US-7602833-B2: Apparatus and method for generating spreading code using jacket matrix and code channel spreading device using the same patent, US-7639664-B2: Dynamic management of trunk group members patent, US-8247826-B2: Light emitting display device patent, US-8256292-B2: Acceleration sensor with surface protection patent, US-8283332-B2: PFKFB4 inhibitors and methods of using the same patent, US-8359226-B2: System and method for marketing mix optimization for brand equity management patent, US-8427775-B2: Particle-capturing device including a component configured to provide an additional function within an enclosure exclusive of capturing particles patent, US-8458588-B1: Determining content layout positions produced by a layout engine patent, US-8503915-B2: Toner cartridge comprising internal valve with flexible sheet member and image forming apparatus including the same patent, US-7627775-B2: Managing failures in mirrored systems patent, US-7688886-B2: Receiving method and receiving apparatus patent, US-7927141-B2: Electrical shielding arrangement patent, US-8201529-B2: Valve timing adjusting apparatus patent, US-8297429-B2: Method of positioning conveyance section, and conveyance device patent, US-8511082-B2: Heat transport system and method patent, US-8513306-B2: Enhancement of urogenital function patent, US-8548169-B2: Communication apparatus, key server, and data patent, US-8558123-B2: Electronic component device with a Ni-Bi alloy sealing frame patent, US-6733291-B1: Implant with internal multi-lobed interlock patent, US-7703672-B2: Electronic money management system, electronic money management method and computer program patent, US-7724442-B2: Substrate-guided optical devices patent, US-8260661-B2: System and apparatus for linking multiple rewards programs to promote the purchase of specific product mixes patent, US-8382614-B1: Golf ball marker with flip up sight patent, US-6746346-B2: Golf ball patent, US-6990766-B2: Escape-proof repeating animal trap patent, US-7063034-B2: Spray skirt for watercraft patent, US-7163980-B2: Resin composition and member comprising said resin composition patent, US-7253332-B2: Method for treating cyanide waste liquid patent, US-7311732-B2: System of intervertebral prostheses patent, US-7443575-B1: Discrete hybrid SOA-Raman amplifier with broad gain bandwidth patent, US-7474397-B2: Raman and hyper-Raman excitation using superlensing patent, US-7535810-B2: Data reproduction apparatus patent, US-7951941-B2: Process for preparing 5-alkyl-7H-pyrrolo[2,3-d] pyrimindine-2-ols patent, US-8047580-B2: Apparatus and method for tying a necktie patent, US-8219605-B2: Decimal floating-pointing quantum exception detection patent, US-8332342-B1: Model-based prognostics for batteries which estimates useful life and uses a probability density function patent, US-8394391-B2: Drug delivery vehicle that mimics viral properties patent, US-8422822-B2: Fourier transform deflectometry system and method patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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