Tuyauterie pour liquides

Fluid manifold


An apparatus for transmitting fluid includes a first panel member (16) having first and second sheet portions (28,30). The first sheet portion has a plurality of apertures (32) therein, and the second sheet portion is spaced apart from the first sheet portion by a spacing structure (36) to define an interior space therebetween. At least one of the end portions (22) of the panel has a first edge opening (42). The first edge opening and the plurality of apertures communicate with the interior space. The apparatus also includes a first manifold member (18) having a wall defining an inside space (52) and having interior and exterior wall portions (54,56). The manifold member further includes an end opening (62) communicating with the inside space and a connecting structure (64) for sealably connecting the manifold member to the first panel member. The connecting structure includes at least one opening (72) in the wall for communication between the inside space and the first edge opening of the first panel member. The panel member can be assembled with similar panel members and manifold members to produce an assembly (10) for supplying gas or liquids to a material, or removing gas or liquid from a material.




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