Mercaptoalcanamides N-hydroxyalkylés




Novel thiol-terminated hydroxyamides, and processes for their preparation and use are provided. These hydroxyamide compounds may be prepared by the reaction of a mercapto- functional alkyl ester, such as methylmercaptopropionate, with a molar excess of an alcohol-substituted amine, such as β-hydroxyalkyl amine. The thiol-terminated hydroxyamides are useful as polymerization chain transfer agents, particularly when it is desirable to form polymers or oligomers containing functional hydroxyamide end groups. By chain terminating such polymer or oligomers with reactive hydroxyamide end groups the polymer or oligomers with reactive hydroxyamide end groups the polymer or oligomers can be further reacted with acid-containing monomers or polymers to form block or graft copolymers.




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