Verpackungsstoff und Verwendung des Stoffes zur Herstellung von Behältern

Packaging material and also use of the material for the manufacture of containers

Matière d'emballage et l'usage de la matière pour la fabrication des conteneurs


Flexible packaging material in the form of a sheet or strip for shaping into form-stable, liquid-tight containers through fold forming, thermo-forming or other mechanical processing for shaping the material. The material (10) has a stiffening skeletal layer (11) composed of a mixture of plastic and filler to the amount of between 50 and 80% of the total weight of the mixture, and also at least one outer layer (12; 13) of plastic of the same kind as the plastic in the skeletal layer (11). With the aid of the said outer plastic layers the material is given excellent sealing properties, at the same time as the filler in the skeletal layer (11) can be effectively protected against attack from the contents of the container produced.




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