A dispersant/antioxidant viscosity index improving lubricant additive

Agent dispersant anti-oxydant améliorant l'index de viscosité comme additif pour huiles lubrifiantes

Dispergierendes antioxydierendes viskositätsverbesserndes Additiv für Schmieröl


A dispersant/antioxidant bound polymethacrylate lubricant additive composition prepared by: (a) reacting a methacrylamide with an amino-alkyl, methacrylamide, an alkyl methacrylate and an oil solvent to provide a intermediate reaction mixture; (b) stirring and purging the reaction mixture; (c) heating the purged mixture and adding a mercaptan and a radical polymerization catalyst to the purged mixture; (d) heating the mixture to a sufficiently high temperature to remove any excess of the polymerization catalyst therefrom; and (e) recovering the product polymethacrylate.




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