Drehgestellrahmen von Eisenbahnen

Cadre de bogie de matériel roulant

Bogie frame of rolling stock


A rolling-stock bogie frame has a ladder-shaped frame structure (1) comprising side beams and cross beams (15, 16; 17, 18, 19, 20), each of which has a trough-shaped part (27) with an open upper part (d) and a reinforcing member (22) secured to the trough-shaped part (27) to cover and close the open upper part thereby to form a closed box beam with a utilizable hollow interior (i). Each of the trough-shaped part (27) and reinforcing member (22) comprises spaced apart inner and outer sheathings (a, g; b, h) of fiber-reinforced plastic material and honeycomb members (21) inserted between and bonded to the inner and outer sheathings. The bogie frame affords high strength with low weight. The hollow interior of the beam provides an equipment space for accommodating an air reservoir and piping for the pneumatic and hydraulic systems.




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