Outdoor variable focus light fixture

Lampadaire à focalisation variable

Aussenleuchte mit veränderbarer Brennweite


The present invention relates to an adjustable outdoor light fixture (10) powered by an electrical current provided by wire leads capable of producing a variable light beam distribution pattern comprising, a housing (12) having an outside surface and an inside surface (28,30,32) and defining a cavity (34) of the housing, a lens (40) covering the open face (36) of the housing, the lens (40) moveable relative to the reflector (56) and a light source (61) connected to the leads adapted to be attached to the lens (40) within the cavity (34) of the housing whereby the lens (40) and the light source (61) are moveable relative to the reflector (56) in order to produce a variable light beam distribution pattern. Also included is a reflex optics reflector (56) for an outdoor light fixture (10) that improves transmittance of light from the fixture.




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