Entwässerungsvorrichtung auf Basis einer Schraubenpresse

Screw type hydrextractor

Appareil de déshydratation du type à vis


A screw type hydroextractor having a diametrically larger first cylindrical casing (1) and a diametrically smaller cylindrical casing (11) which is disposed in the first cylindrical casing (1), with a ribbon shaped screw vane (14) rotatably disposed in an annular space (13) defined between the two cylindrical casings. Dewatering screens (21,22) are provided in the first and second cylindrical casings at predetermined locations, and an outlet port (6a) for dewatered material is provided at one end of the annular space, the outlet port (6a) being biased by a valve member (41) in a closing direction under a predetermined biasing force. Water that has entered the second cylindrical casing is discharged outward through a water outlet. The ribbon shaped screw vane (14) is rotatable separately from the cylindrical casings (1,11) and, therefore, material being processed can be prevented from turning with the cylindrical casings (1,11). Both the inner (11) and outer cylindrical casings (1) are provided with a screen (22,21). This permits an efficient dewatering operation.




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