Bouchon de réservoir de carburant commandé pour un véhicule automobile

Angetriebener Kraftstofftankdeckel für Kraftfahrzeuge

A powered fuel tank cover for automobiles


This invention relates to a power fuel tank cover and in particular to one including a motor (1), a collar (2) having a circular member (21) and a tubular member (22) formed at one side thereof, a worm rod (13) inserted into the tubular member (22) of the collar (2), a sleeve (3) fitted into said collar, a worm gear (4) mounted on the sleeve (3) and engaged with the worm rod (13), an actuating cylinder (6) with external threads (62) being threadedly engaged with the center hole (41) of the worm gear (4), a lid (7) pivotally connected with an upper portion (61) of the actuating cylinder (6) and having a seat (71) with a groove (712) at a bottom, a positioning plate (72) on a top and a hole (75) extending through the seat (71) and the positioning plate (72) for receiving a ball (76), a plug (77) and a spring (78), a connecting member (24) pivotally connected between the collar (2) and the lid (7), and a press plate (79) threadedly engaged with the positioning plate (72) by a screw (791) connected with a linking rod (794) via a ring (793) which is in turn connected with a fixing plate (795), whereby the fuel tank may be automatically opened and closed simply by pressing a switch near the driver seat hence facilitating the operation of filling gasoline.




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