Moyens de commande pour dispositif d'éclairage

A control means for lighting devices

Steuerungsmittel für Beleuchtungsvorrichtung


Disclosed is a touch-programmable lighting and security device in the form of a stand lamp which can be programmed to provide illumination by means of an AC bulb or DC bulb in conjunction with parameters including the ambient light level, presence of people, and AC mains power failure. In one embodiment, this novel lighting and security device includes a transmitter which transmits an Alarm signal to a remote receiver upon detection of an intruder. This user friendly device conveniently plugs into any wall power outlet by means of a suitable length of cable and it can be easily programmed by touching different nonmetallic areas of the device. In one embodiment, four indicator lights in the form of LEDs are provided to identify its prevailing mode.




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