Continuous separation and purification of materials

Séparation et purification continues de matières

Kontinuierliche Stofftrennung und Reinigung


A non-particulate carrier is provided which is adapted to reversibly bind a desired material, which may either be the desired end product material, or a contaminant which is removed from the desired end product material. The carrier is arranged to pass sequentially through a feedstock liquid containing the material to be purified where the desired material is adsorbed to the carrier, a wash liquid, a desorption liquid into which the material is desorbed by the carrier and a further wash liquid. The carrier is preferably a non-absorbent natural or synthetic polymer and is conveniently in the form of an endless belt. An agent which will reversibly bind the desired material may be chemically attached to the carrier, and binding of the material to the carrier or binding agent be by biospecific affinity, hydrophobic or ionic interactions.




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